Tuesday, September 30, 2014

People believe what they want to believe.

Hi, good day. I got a brand new mattress last week which is awesome, since my back has the quality of 70 year old grandma. Now I guess my sleeping quality is slightly improved. Also, I made chicken stir-fry in sweet spicy soy sauce earlier today and I was happy with that because it turned out so good. Yum. All hail 'Kecap Bango' (Unilever didn't pay me for this, I swear) simply because russian version of sweet soy sauce sucks.

A month has passed since the new semester. Classes are going fine so far, and not to mention, exhausting as hell. This year, September has gotten too chill in Krasnodar, more chilly than it used to be last year. Warm shining sun has been replaced with a cold freezing breeze. Days are getting shorter. The leaves are gradually turning into the majestic golden colour. So grand.
At this time of the year, my demand for going on a picnic is on its peak..

"If heaven wasn't so far away
I'd pack up the kids and go for a day..."

Anyway a couple days ago I finished reading the latest book by Mitch Albom titled The First Phone Call From Heaven. Though the book has too much point of views in my opinion, I enjoyed it quite a lot. The book itself is a painful yet uplifting read with a great little twist at the very end. It's a story of a small town on Lake Michigan that gets worldwide attention when its citizens start receiving phone calls from afterlife. It gave me some sort of warm fuzzies as I kept turning from page to pages. And it brought some water to my eyes because I was all attached to the story and its characters. How wonderful it would be if we could speak to deceased ones? If only heaven could be reached in a couple metres away, by the corner of your living room; over your telephone. Wouldn't it be cool?

I'd love to get a phone call from my late grandfathers I've never met (both of my grandpas have passed away before I was even born. My mom told me a lot about her dad, from her stories I think he was a kind of awesome.) and ask them sort of questions like:
  1. How are you doing up there?
  2. If heaven was made from jelly or what.
  3. Say hi to grandma, how does it feel like to be reunited with your other half after years apart?
  4. Is heaven really that...good?
...and of course, introducing myself beforehand. The granddaughter they never knew they have.
Also I'd ask to talk to my late grandma too for a minute, asking for the holy-moly signature banana pie recipe she used to make when I was just a little chipmunk.

However, the book assured me that faith really is believing without the need for a proof. 
Like the way when you're on the airplane, you have faith that the pilot is good enough pilot to take you on board and fly.
Like the way you have faith the sun will rise tomorrow.
Like the way you have faith in God and heaven.

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