Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'll fatten you up!

Our self-made (square) pizza!
(made by me, Guzel, Nadia & Hoda)

Let's go to the park,
I wanna kiss you underneath the stars...~


Yes, it's official my friend! I'm 20 y.o now (how old..sigh)
Celebrating a birthday thousand miles away from your loved ones is sad I know. Never crossed my mind last year I'd celebrate my next birthday alone, in a place that's far away from home. Somewhere between dream and reality. Trapped in the middle of nowhere. 'Thus, I didn't expect for anything to happen. Days before, my dad asked me what I want and what's my plan for my b'day. I told him, "Nothing...maybe just go out and have lunch with friends. I don't know." No excitement AT ALL, since being (physically) close to my family was all I need that time.

Well anyway,
Just to make it short, these are some of the (virtual) birthday greetings I received on my b'day!
Yay! Can't wait to see them face-to-face anytime soon <3

Ryan & Ardi by suciputimelati

Farah Nabila Nugraha by suciputimelati

Afifa Urfani by suciputimelati

Afifa Urfani (part2) by suciputimelati

Moses by suciputimelati

Nizar by suciputimelati

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Afifa Urfani said...

kalo tau bakal dipublish, gue pake suara udah mandi deh, ngga suara bangun tidur kaya gitu.......